Duet Poem by McDonald Mbejere


D “I took my time to write this letter
I had to do it now, and not later
For my heart yearns to see your face
And let me trace the map that is your lips
A thought of you and it makes my heart pace
And I know, no one shall ever take your place
But my arms go cold knowing there maybe another
That you love to hold”

M “My absence leaves my love with worry
And for such am sorry,
Sorry for Crimes uncommitted
Even though to temptation I remain un-submitted
For our love to remain uninflected.
And I bear no eyes for another
And I place my trust with mutuality
Because when I look into your eyes
I remember kissing you from the thighs up
With my ecstatic heart racing the calmest lap
And you, giving your loudest gasp.
So now all I do is wait
As we mourn the ferbituary
And forth march day by day, late;
With a rose from the fourteenth
Left to grow me closer to you
As it remains undying with petals so red and true; ”

D “But this rose, how can it grow? ?
When you are the water that stops it from dying
When you are the sun that takes the darkness away
I feel such pain love; you're no longer in my reach
If only I could hear you speak; call my name
It’s the tone to your voice that makes my knees weak
But I can only hope this distance makes your heart grow fonder.
Sometimes I lie awake at night, and you become a dream to me;
But your smile, and us walking hand in hand,
Such sweet things, I ponder
I hope, this dream does not end
Some may say I seem foolish
But of you I can only commend
You are the flame ignited,
They say love is a choice and it was you I decided”

M “The love that lingers past consciousness
Through to dreams and lasts as the lovers nest
And makes your heart my Sanctus Sanctorum
I love you conscious and at rest
For the best is what I found within you
My life's fulfillment manifested in beauty
So humble and true
You are my perfect and my completion
I neither lack nor need the will to yearn for another
And your womb will be were my kids grow and call mother
I can't feel the distance with the whispers of your voice
Wrapped in ink of you confessing me to be your choice
It is true to heart and unbound by time or space
That you and me are emancipated against all that is existence
So stay true to love and love alone
And wherever my arms will be wrapped around you shall be our home.”

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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