Duet Pt.2 Poem by McDonald Mbejere

Duet Pt.2

Her: I look at you
Such beautiful eyes
Those lips, that taste sweeter than the rest
That laugh, I would love to listen to for all my days
To you, my all I bequest
Let these daydreams fill my mind
Till my sanity I can no longer find
Stolen is my heart
Pray we never come to part
But if we ever do
Let this love be a song you can always sing along to
To find your way back to me

Him: Singing with rhythm
To find you where you lay
With you is where all my purpose and ambition stay
I've found greatness in defeating all doubt about you
Nothing scares me and I'll no longer stray
Knowing you has made my heart heavier than my head
And brought distortion to my rationality
I appreciate the smell of things, their taste
And reality has a sense of bliss
So hold my hand while I feed on images of you
And all my thoughts are birthed a new,
A new light
And such pleasure to sight
Your smiles and all things that is bright about you
So radiant and beautiful
The vessel for what makes love true

Her: You and you alone
I dream of when the light turns to night
You remain the sun that makes my days bright
And this love I have felt, I cannot fight
As our story begins, our hearts, they shall write
Let’s run away, you and I together
To the beginning of forever
Our hearts never to sever
Through sunny days and gloomy weather
The purity that is this love, none shall taint
Forever true, never feint
Him: I am glad I said no to lemons and lemonade
And waited till you walked into the path I tread
I still remember what you said to me
About how you'd rather spend forever alone
Than compromise when it came to your heart
That's why I shall never doubt you're mine
Or that a mountain between us couldn't make us part
I don't even want to take the time to run
Let's make our home here
No matter what the naysayers may nay say,
80 kids and then some
Let's flood this world in our beauty
Inspire every lonely heart with our miracles
A heart has spectacular spectacles
They shall all envision
Some on awe and others in envy
But however so,
Our love shall always be plenty.

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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