Duty To Truth Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Duty To Truth

A duty to truth.
And the commitment of some,
To stun with this done.
Has brought shame to many,
Disbelieving the proof...
Of their secretive misdeeds produced.
Although claim they do,
They are innocent of all of it.
As evidence as fresh as morning dew,
Fills the air of courtrooms everywhere.

Liars and thieves today scratch their heads.
Wondering why,
A duty to truth is not also criminalized.
Since everyone knows,
There are some who live...
To have their dishonest lives justified.
And dismissed to forgive.
If they have cash and high profile connections.
With under the table payments made.

"Your Honour?
In all due respect.
I have lived a life well dressed.
And did my best to stay impressive.
Why have I been picked,
To suffer humiliation publicly like this? "

-It is quite simple.
Flaunting undaunted your ill gotten wealth.
Has become too nauseating.
Even for people like myself.
And pretensions to keep them,
At least perceived kept within rules and laws.
On the other hand...
Chose to dance around them.
Exposing us to be hypocrites.
And doing this to reveal our flaws.
Someone has to pay,
To prevent and stop...
The dropping of all jaws.-

"But, Your Honour.
In my defense.
Treason to commit these days,
Deserves a much lighter sentence.
One would think."

-And today,
Everyone committed to a lifetime of crimes.
Will find those times being left behind.
And besides,
Paying for you and others to continue to do this,
Makes no sense.
When it has put a dent in my pocket.
Whether or not I found this fun done,
To everyone else.
I'm sentencing you to 3 months in prison.
Reduced to one month,
Depending upon your behavior.-

"But why such a severe sentence? ? ? "

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary
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