Early Hour Poem by Paul Butters

Early Hour

It's an early hour
At least for me.
I'm half asleep yet full of thought.
As if my brain has churned through everything
Throughout the night
And come up with
Some answers.

This happens often
So poems and things emerge
At times like this.

It's cool and calm right now.
I love this peaceful, early morning time:
No birdsong even.
Yet a pigeon and sparrow on my back lawn.
No sound of cars
Or any of the hustle and bustle
Of a working day.

So serene and soothing to my soul.
Safe as though I've hidden
Under the floorboards
Away from the sun's hot glare
And the turbulence
Of Life.

I suppose I'm mindful now
Of all around me
As I meditate
About nothing in particular.

Even a little spider in my diary this morning
Has not disturbed this serene feeling,
This atmosphere of calm.
Carbon dioxide cools this room.
Ah, wrong kind of atmosphere!
I speak (inside my head)of more soulful emotion
As I said
But I'd better be careful
That I don't fall back to sleep
Laid back here
In my comfy armchair…

© PB 16\6\2018.

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: peace,serenity,life,meditation,morning
Bernard F. Asuncion 16 June 2018

Paul, such a soul-comforting poem....10++++

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Paul Butters 16 June 2018

Thanks Bernard. Glad I got that feel across. Peace.

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Paul Butters

Paul Butters

Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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