Paul Butters Poems

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A Better Way

There has to be a better way.
Than endless warring,
Selfish ways
And committing countless crimes:

Poet Tree

I have a picture of a tree
(In my minds eye)
But it’s not the vision
That you will see!

Should We?

Should we all stop eating meat?
No, we'll starve of protein doing that.
But yes, it's morally right.

Hello Reader!

My dearest reader, seconds ago, before your
Decision to turn the page, there was nothing.
These very words were hidden away and thus
Unseen, to all intents did not exist:

The Jeremy Kyle Show (A British Phenomenon)

“Good morning and welcome to The Jeremy Kyle show. Today we meet a family in torment. First up we meet Lucy. She accuses her partner Jason of sleeping with her best friend Ingrid. We have to balance this: Jason doesn’t trust her and wants a DNA test on their children. Here’s Lucy on the show guys...

Hello sweet, are you okay?

What Is Left To Say?

What is left to say
About our humdrum daily lives?
Monday to Sunday all year round
In time manufactured by mankind.

Bad Images

It's just after 5AM but I am up,
Compelled to write and share with you
Bad images
From video and TV.


Our galaxy dies,
A splash of water,
Sparkling in the sunlight on a tarmac sky,
Gently exploding with glittering streamers,


I Play with Words,
It’s what I Do.
Just what are poems?
You have your View.

End Of

Trillions of years from now
The scattered remnants of our Universe
Float in endless darkness,
All stars extinguished.

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