Bad Images Poem by Paul Butters

Bad Images

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It's just after 5AM but I am up,
Compelled to write and share with you
Bad images
From video and TV.

I gave you a newborn calf being killed by a lion or something.
But there are countless more.
Young seals being swallowed by killer whales.
A young queen bee stabbing its rivals to death before or after they hatch.

An unlucky wildebeest is pushed by a panicked herd
Back into the river
And into the jaws of a crocodile.
Survival of the fittest
Or luckiest.

Animals running about some abattoirs
Trying to escape death.
Fighting for their lives.
Watching their siblings die.
Enter Man.

A groggy man has survived being shot by a firing squad
So a soldier walks up to him
Puts a pistol to his head and fires
So the man falls
Fountains of blood pumping up from his head
To Beatles music.

Rows of orange shirted men kneeling
A hooded man behind each one
With sword ready at the throat…

So many horrors.
No fiction.
I wonder what God thinks….

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: cruelty,nature
Sumit Ganguly 16 March 2016

Sufferer's question truthfully represented by you. congrats.10

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Paul Butters 18 March 2016

Thanks Sumit. Yes, the truth can be hard.

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Eugene Levich 15 March 2016

The Chinese have a wonderful description of the realities of life: Big fish eat little fish!

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Paul Butters 18 March 2016

I like that, Eugene. Such wisdom.

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Sumit Ganguly 15 March 2016

So many horrors/ No fiction/ I wonder what God thinks.... Very pertinent question.10

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Paul Butters 15 March 2016

Yes one has to Wonder what God thinks, Sumit.

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 March 2016

Life! ! With cruelty everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

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Paul Butters 15 March 2016

Thanks Edward. I generally avoid negativity but..........

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Paul Butters

Paul Butters

Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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