Earth: God's Creation Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Earth: God's Creation

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The warmth of the light, making the world so bright,
The majesty of the sky for the birds to fly,
The calm and quiet sea setting part the land in the lea,
The generous souls of moon, stars and sun for human fun,
The awesome birds, fish, beast and human kind,
When there was nothing more to add,
God knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it 'Earth-“ A Better Place to Live In.

Jorgen Andig 25 January 2010

For me, this poem tells about that we should love our nature and God is a part of our nature.This poem makes me realize that i should nature and we should take care of our nature.what happen to our nature? Who destruct our nature? People is the one who destruct it but it is not too late, we can save our nature in next generation.I hope that this poem can make the other reader realize...

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Reina Marelle Tuto 01 February 2010

In this poem i realized that we should take care and love each God's creation.Because one of the wonderful things that God made is the world.We should take care of them to prevent the global warming.So that the next generation can see the beautiful world someday.

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Jason Bacasnot 03 February 2010

God made the Earth for us to live in. Let us thank God for letting us live in a harmonic and peaceful world As I read the poem, I felt happy for what God hath done to us. Let us take good care for it..

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Michael Ryan Abian 01 February 2010

In this poem i can say that we should learn how to protect the nature.

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Mutya Legaspi 28 January 2010

*heloo..maam, in this poem of your's maam, it's so meaningful about what god started or god's creation, it's awesome the first sentence to the last sentence's.Then, we should keep our earth be peaceful and we should let him show that we are worthy to live this kind of world that we called'paradise'.And we are thankful to all the beautiful view's that he made and many more.and i myself appreciate your poem maam..*

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Joshua Andrei Pala-og Cayat 25 September 2019

Putangina yes I copied this for my project hahaha

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jjj miz 24 February 2019

This is a great poem about the creation of God

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Levilane Riena De Lara 06 February 2010

for me the God's creation is a gift for us.we must care and protect it, as of now the world has been suffering from global warming so we must preserve any God's creation for a better future and world.....

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Liezel Ann Ligtas 05 February 2010

For me, Gods creation is important to us because without this creation, we cannot live.Like the nature that is full of treasure.That's why we should take care, protect, and preserve nature for our own good for a better future.

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Rutchelyn Regis 05 February 2010

That poem means that we should protect our nature so that we will also preserve many creature and we will be good in all the God make.weshould take care for it so that we will leave peacefully and always have faith in God always.

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Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

Gingoog City, Philippines
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