Susan T. Aparejo Poems

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Hero In The Classroom

A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Artificial Intelligence

Though artificial but geniune,
Though not a human but has brain,
Though no emotions but teach how to emote,
Though not eating but teach how to cook,

Earth: God's Creation

The warmth of the light, making the world so bright,
The majesty of the sky for the birds to fly,
The calm and quiet sea setting part the land in the lea,
The generous souls of moon, stars and sun for human fun,

Echoes Of Agony

Sounds no one heard but me,
shriek of woes excruciating survival,
the heads recoil sipping juice of no residue,
tentacles move invisibly possessing even every grains left,

God's Blessings

Don't you ever feel?
God's blessing in the air?
Don't you ever smell?
God's blessing in our meal?

A Teacher

Father, mother, sister rolled into one,
nanny, lover, helper and adviser,
caretaker, watchmaker, great planner,
an innovator, inventor, trainer,

Being Guilty

Is it guilty to tell the truth?
Is it guilty if you stand for it?
The truth they said will set you free.
Yet, they force you to say,

Clouds And Me

I watched the clouds
and it watch me too,
I talked to him but gently flow
he waves farewell in my head above,

Failure And Success

Such irresistible twins,
Shadowing each other,
One can't make it,
Others can't do it.

Embracing The Wind

Different work of world,
Telling me paradise,
When its totally rubbish,
Telling me heaven, \when its the hell.

Error Success