Artificial Intelligence Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Artificial Intelligence

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Though artificial but geniune,
Though not a human but has brain,
Though no emotions but teach how to emote,
Though not eating but teach how to cook,
Though not writing but teach how to write,
Though not studying yet it gives tips in studying,
Though no diploma but a master in all degrees,
The master of all, but sometimes meet trouble,
Like humans, it feels tiresome,
Just unplugged and open once more,
your artificial gadget,
Never complain even being called as

Janeth Auguis 29 March 2012

This poem tells about the artificial gadget that we being used and called as computer, it describe as a self initiated purposeful behavior of machine. Though this gadget is artificial it has a capability to do things like humans. Truly computers are essential n this era of modern technology, these gadgets help us finish our work at shortened time. The time of searching is being minimized and the research being done results to effective findings through computer. Cause nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without computers and the fact that they have become so important, especially for me as an IT students that nothing can replace them. They seem to be everywhere today. But for all of this humans have the best ability to interact with their world and are most intelligent of all known life forms.

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Lyn Alberca 30 March 2012

I agree with this poem because computer today's trend plays a very important role in all fields. To mention, it helps me a lot in accomplishing my research paper, the fact that it is the source of my data. therefore, as a student it lessen my burdens in terms of project and paper works.

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Evalyn Buton 01 April 2012

Evalyn Buton: good evening maamAparejo, this poem inspires me a lot. computer help people and students in a very easy way, it connects throughout the world with just one surf. this poem inspires me to never give up in all those troubles and trials i encounter in life, like what computer does Like Humans, it feels tiresome and i can compare this unto my attitude , i maybe feel sometimes TIRED but will PAUSE for a second then continue like computer does Just unplugged and open once more, your artificial gadget, . thank you maam for sharing to us your poem it gives us additional information about computer which is our course. :))

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ivan Avila 06 April 2012

This poem remind me a lot on how this gadget change the world. it created a new world called the cyber world. i love the lines Though not a human but has brain because its really not a human but it can think more than a human could do. but still it is dependent to human but i should be always be thankful this we called artificial intelligence was created because it made my day by day learning easier and it helped me a lot, either on school or outside the school. By: IVan S. AVila

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Chris Bel 02 March 2019

Human Is The Most PowerFul Than Computer

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Manonton Dalan 01 January 2016

maayo day matuod //////////

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Keavin Manlangit 02 January 2013

It says that our brain is more useful than coputers and brain is more geniune and unique

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Ender Wiggin 27 February 2021

Well computers will certainly be smarter than us one day. Maybe they already are.

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Johnny Estañol 25 April 2012

it is true that computer can have importance to our generation because it has many advantages and it is very useful today. But we need to limit our time so that its disadvantages can be prevented.

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Riego Ferolino 21 April 2012

Good Afternoon Ma'am Aparejo, This poem: Artificial intelligence makes me realize that computer is really very important, computer helps us in our daily tasks.This poem makes me realize that computer plays a great role not just for me as an Information Technology student but computer is very important to all of us. Lastly this poem makes me realize that even though it is just an artificial intelligence but still it plays a great importance in all our tasks and in our lives.

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Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

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