Earth Prime Poem by Troy Cochran

Earth Prime

Rating: 5.0

The bullfrog
makes a space around him
with his bulbous talk.
No one enters through the gate
without a password.

He sits upon his one
Gibraltar of a rock.
The Moon illuminates
all round
a whole platoon of monstrous
pays them all in gold
but no one ever finds him out.

No shape was ever made
that matches, pound for pound,
his one hypnotic thought.
He sits upon the whole world
as an Egg
that incubates
but never hatches.

Mosquitoes seek to take
the truth out with their long syringes;
but people nowadays
stay barricaded indoors
when black-clad crickets try to lure them out
into the portal
where the bullfrog's serenade
initiates the startled
trippers in the dark into the hole
of sound
where the world was started.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: creation,mystical,poetic expression
I like to think that everything begins with thought-formation, which are the primordial sounds of new creation.

'Earth Prime' is the real world beneath the layers of all that we have made of it through our own distorting lenses of belief, speculation, trepidation, and reluctance to venture, whether on foot or in thought, beyond what is already familiar.

But this is just bulbous talk from an old bullfrog....
Kumarmani Mahakul 17 September 2017

No shape was ever made through hypnotic thought. Moon still illuminates mind. Amazing perception we have always about creation and this gives wonderful sense. An amazing poem is shared here is interesting.10

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Troy Cochran 17 September 2017

To enter into the sacred space of the poet requires a matching frequency. As a poet of the sacred yourself, of course, you have the password. Thank you, Kumarmani, for commenting. :)

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Practicing Poetess 12 September 2017

A truly picturesque poem that I enjoyed reading!

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Troy Cochran 17 September 2017

Ah! It has that touch of witchery that you like, is that it! Thank you for commenting. I will come check out your magic! :)

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