Emo Poem by Jennifer Cook


Rating: 2.8

I am an emo kid,
Deep sorrow,
Forever gone,
Never to care again,
Cut myself into pieces,
Having one eye covered with my hair,
If I wanted to live,
I rather choose death,
Emo is what I am,
Can’t handle the fact I am emo kid,
Then leave me be,
Suffering is what I have,
Pain is all I feel,
To be the person I am,
I am just me,
Proud to be me,
Since you left,
I lost a part of me,
Things will never be the same anymore,
That emo kid will forever be me from the outside to the inside,
I don’t care what anyone else say or do or even think of me.

Nicole Mallon 11 December 2006

I great poem who explains how emo kids feel.

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Anabel just Anabel 12 December 2006

great poem but do you mean it?

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Rebeca Valenzuela 04 February 2007

this is a great poem.

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James Mclain 18 November 2016

what have you done? a black cloud of pain as emotions disappear. once we were together in innocence, wide-eyed and untainted, but your thirst drifted away. a painful fever of agony - tears follow darkness, follow rain, love ground to dust. in a storm of righteousness, i see you.. iip

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Kim Barney 11 January 2015

Great poem. I have voted it a ten. You wrote it more than seven years ago. I hope you're feeling better about yourself by now.

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Angelito Nambatac Jr 05 August 2008

i hope i can wrote that way....

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Megan Simbeck 10 December 2007

I agree with u on this one

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Ana x 30 March 2007

i think i agree with Anabel! the ideas are good but where is the poem

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