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Rating: 3.4

Why is it
that I can cry
seeing a tv program same as I.
Family situations, I can relate,
Only they are actors, I am real.
Hidden from others,
should I think I am hidding

from the feelings of the world.

The world is chaotic, I'm just one
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Brenda Arroyo 13 January 2009

I loved this. The last line blew me away.

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Kevin Wells 10 January 2009

Yep. I can identify with this one. I am a very emotional person but I have a problem with letting people see that side of me - almost as if it makes me less of a man! I guess it is the way our respective generations brought us up! It is that locked-up emotion that manifests in our writing. I can relate with this so easily. I must watch the same tv programmes.

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Annie Girl 21 December 2008

awsome work nice way of putting each word into meaning.

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M Asim Nehal 31 January 2016

The world is chaotic, I'm just one judging the show, it must be real. I'm tipsy, so I'll spot you that, but reality comes from the script, I feel. Superb........10

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Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

'Should I think I am hidding' Rachel Ann Butler

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I think the best scripts are written by writers who have experienced so much, or writers who band together to pool ideas. That's why we can cry and be pulled into the reality of it all. Emotion is a great name for the poem and your writing is heartfelt and extremely real. 10 Karin Anderson

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Patti Masterman 21 March 2009

I think we are all inclined to view others as heroic and ourselves as prosaic. If only we could see ourselves on tv through their eyes just once. Nice theme and well developed.

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Rita Shay 28 January 2009

Wow excellent job. I can completely relate to this poem! Great read =)

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