Employee Of The Ear Poem by Simon Odhiambo

Employee Of The Ear

I sit here waiting to be called, and looking
At this sealed white envelope, and thinkng quietly
The contents already, I know well
I was told even before the letter got me

'Employee of the year is yours this year'

I was late this morning to work
That makes it three times in a row, this week
Still I am the years employee

I have unread emails in my inbox
One with a subject reading 'employee of the ear'
This subject scared me stiff...I didn't open it
The missing y made it a spam!
Though I experience the contents of the mail as I sit, scared

Still I am the employee in the subject
In the office heads turned yesterday
To have a glimpse of this years employee

It scares me
I feel Isolated
I feel intimidated

This award to me is a punishment for
...late coming
...tasks incomplete
...Unread emails

My name is read and I stand

I can't walk to the front
I can't talk to the crowd
Still employee of the year is mine

I give up and sit...(more applause)
Then someone whispers 'too hardworking to walk'

I sweat...
I shiver...
I tremble...

It is hot, I tell you
This award now I deserve

Captain Cur 23 July 2012

Too hardworking to work. This is one of those humorous yet sad poems that sneak up on you with depth of feeling and meaning. Good write.

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