Simon Odhiambo Poems

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Waiting In Vain

Am not alone in this I think
Three or Four of us sometimes Five
Waiting for letters to arrive in time
Letter box packed with lots, not ours

A Poem A Day

One Poem at a time, Is what you can read
Try two and despair, that is where it will lead

One channel at a time, Is what you can watch

Pen Killer

Great writers, great poets
Of time now and those gone by
Hear me out, as I wail the pen
The burial, I will not attend

What Is Time?

What time is it?
Is a simple question to answer
A watch, a calendar or may be a clock
May help with the response

This Tear Is For You - Mama

Men should not cry, you told me mama
And I will not, but will shed just a tear
Just to feel how you felt, when your tears flowed
Your cheeks were always wet, I recall dear mother

My Only Wish

Is to pass away peacefully in my sleep
Just as my father did...
And not shouting for help like the folkes
He was carrying home that fateful night

Make Me A Bed

It is bedtime 'my half' and the vow still fresh

You promised to make me a bed
Of love and trust not metals and timber
Wide enough for two, in sorrow and bliss

The Last Sipper

This man lost his paying job
And his wife left this drunkard too
His children not to stay with him
All left this dad alone

I Miss You...

Today I stand at this gate
With anticipation and want
I look down the only path
Your footprints still fresh

C Is For Sex

I cry for men
I cry for them

For they said I erred,

Error Success