Waiting In Vain Poem by Simon Odhiambo

Waiting In Vain

Rating: 4.6

Am not alone in this I think
Three or Four of us sometimes Five
Waiting for letters to arrive in time
Letter box packed with lots, not ours
Uncollected letters fill our mails this day
And the waiting never comes to an end I guess

Am not alone in this I hope
Six or Seven of us sometimes Two
Trying to dial a number, but once or twice
It goes through and am eager...It rings
Sorry...wrong number please try again
At all wrong numbers never get engaged

I decide to pay a visit instead of hope
The flight arrived in time today
We wait for our bags to come in vain
The conveyer rolls and rolls and none
Am not alone in this wait today
Eight or Nine sometimes Ten in pain
Our buggage will not arrive this day

Kim Barney 08 November 2016

Waiting can be exasperating, but sometimes there is nothing else that can be done. Congratulations for having this chosen as poem of the day!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 12 September 2012

Waiting is sometimes annoying, like the situation that i have now. I'm waiting for an answer right now. i see your point here.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 08 November 2016

Waiting needs patience... Like a farmer patiently waiting for the first and last drop of rain... Congrats for being selected for the day.... Nice poem...

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 November 2016

Still waiting. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Indira Renganathan 08 November 2016

How irritating, how tiresome is waiting....a fresh poem of an unusual theme...indeed a good one- 10

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Ratnakar Mandlik 08 November 2016

Heartiest Congratulations for writing such a meaningful poem that relates to every one at some or the other time as also on it's selection as member POD.

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Seamus O Brian 08 November 2016

There is something deeper here, something un-named by the writier that lies beneath the surface of the trivialities of everyday waiting. Is this about the larger picture of Waiting, that all of life is merely a tedious prelude to something ungraspably more significant? Or is there a deeper Waiting of infinitely more import to the writer than the mere machinations of everyday life─perhaps waiting out vainly the incommunicado silence of a lost love, or an unfound love? A waiting which causes all other waitings to become grating banalities? Lovely work, good author. I will 'wait' for possibly more insight, and come to my own conclusions if forced. :)

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 November 2016

I can feel the pain of waiting with the poet. It becomes more acute when you don't find him for whom you waited long. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Clarence Prince 08 November 2016

So right, Simon! You are not alone, As others suffered in similar situations too!

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Pamela Sinicrope 08 November 2016

Am not alone in this today. I like the repetition of this poem...it conveys the real feeling of waiting and waiting. The speaker describes waiting to letters and phone calls and then there is a visit. He also claims he's not alone and waiting with others. Is this a group of men in the army, people in love, people separated from the people we love. I guess all of those situations would apply for those who read your poem. Thanks for sharing Simon and congratulations on Poem of the Day.

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