C Is For Sex Poem by Simon Odhiambo

C Is For Sex

Rating: 5.0

I cry for men
I cry for them

For they said I erred,
Spelling sex with a 'C'
I thought I found 'Coitus',
Sex with a 'C' indeed!

This C-word, wrong for a gender
This C-word, wrong for agenda

To the male bee, explosion
To the holy mantis, death
It brings pain, not pleasure
To mankind, let me know

This C-word, scares me
This C-word, spares me

To Bonobos, no war
To flat warms, bring it on
It brings peace and war
To mankind, I don't know

This C-word, fools me
This C-word, cools me

To hyena, got it too
To Giraffe, No thanks
It makes equal, all species
To mankind, I got to know

The treachery of 'C'
The anguish of 'C'
The Death of 'C'

I know now, this fact
All words, have a 'C'
All acts, got a 'C'
This too, has a 'C'

I still cry for men
This C-word, is a struggle
This C-word, is a trouble
As for Mankind, you ought to know
This C-word will kill us away

Nsisong Bassey 11 August 2012

C ehn? lol. interesting poem.

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Karen Sinclair 22 July 2012

Fabulously deep and intelligent piece which thankfully is just within my realms of understanding, this is a very woeful piece one the trials and tribulations on lifes continuum... i adore this line particularily...To Bonobos, no war...... bonobos make love not war (thats my interpretation fab...tyvm karen

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