Make Me A Bed Poem by Simon Odhiambo

Make Me A Bed

Rating: 4.5

It is bedtime 'my half' and the vow still fresh

You promised to make me a bed
Of love and trust not metals and timber
Wide enough for two, in sorrow and bliss

Ave waited and waited and my heart is sleepy
My legs are wobbly and my eyelids are creased
Our honeymoon is rusty and the lullaby is gone

This wordy paper with dotted lines, makes my eyes to blink
This pen we used...still writes in ink
The circle on my digit still fits I think

We've lived with the vows...till death do us part

Make me a bed, as promised
For my memory is failing

Charles Jagongo Ogola 09 August 2012

A real marriage life! Love becomes an illusion, the more we get used to each other (wuod mama) . This is a nice post. I like it.

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Joseph Anderson 08 August 2012

Sounds as if the honeymoon is over.Perhaps it will yet work out. A great title, Both enjoyable and troubling.Well handled

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Marieta Maglas 06 August 2012

''make me a bed of love''-nice imagery, Simon, I like the idea to make the love be existent, moreover, to make it sleepy...maybe you should make the love be a bed for sleeping...but it's not a rule....nice poem, thank you for sharing..

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