Pen Killer Poem by Simon Odhiambo

Pen Killer

Rating: 3.5

Great writers, great poets
Of time now and those gone by
Hear me out, as I wail the pen
The burial, I will not attend
Save the pen if you can

Pen was style, Pen was great
A quill, a reed pen or a finger
A dip pen, an ink brush or a feather
And the pen died
just like that...

Invention means killing
Innovation spells murder
And they killed the Pen
Just like that...

Fountain Pen, ballpoint pen and marker pen
Crowquill pen, rollerpoint pen and ceramic tip pen
Excuisite, good names, good memories
And they killed the poor pen
Just like that...

Is it not pen, that employed you?
Promoted you, paid your bills, sent you love messages?
Letter is no more, its grave still steaming
They are killing the pen too
Just like that...

Mabel A 21 August 2012

If any one had asked me to write about a pen. i would be rendered you did it....? But every word makes perfect sense.

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Nsisong Bassey 11 August 2012

Oooooh My goodness This is lovely This is beauty I love this!

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Avik Datta Gupta 10 August 2012

A very thoughtful poem, the pen that was considered to be mightier than the sword is an endangered non living thing! ! ! But we will soon come back to the is not dead as yet(thankfully) .Reminds me of Radio Gaga..The Queen...

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Charles Jagongo Ogola 10 August 2012

Hey! I remember teachers laboring to make us have good handwriting skills! It was even fun to play with ink on paper. Thank you this is a good poem. I enjoyed it.

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