Epilogue Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir


Rating: 4.9

Having forsaken all paths open to me
I come to you
And when for a while I am with you
I go beyond myself for eons
In measuring the distance of a single word.
I exhaust the breath count
Of my vanquished life-span
In the midst of your victorious centuries.
The single moment with you
Which becomes the digit of my fate
Remains deprived of any count.

The seasons exhaust all their four guise-embodiments
And snows of uncounted millenia
Continue piling up in heaps
On the poles
From beginning to the end of time
While you sit near the fireplace
Soaking yourself in the warmth
Of a tete-a-tete.

The horizons of this room
Like your love
Are indeed vast
But my uprooted feet
Can't find their footing in space
And I perforce
Seek reincarnation again and again
Each time I loose my life's dream
In your eyes.

This time (however)
I ' ve nothing to loose or gain
No great battles remain to be fought
All I wish is
To die the last time
Living the remainder of my life.


Awesome poem great work i couldn't have wrote it better thank you for sharing Please when you get a chance read some of my poems especially the ones called: Everyone turns away and All my life Thank you and God bless

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Ency Bearis 03 November 2008

wonderful poem..greatly written..A10 Ency Bearis

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 April 2010

‘…Soaking yourself in the warmth/Of a tête-à-tête….’ We readers are in tête-à-tête….with your imageries… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Mark R Slaughter 11 March 2009

Yet another deeply profound work Naseer. I felt a sense of relief on your behalf at the end - to die at last.... Mark

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Sadiqullah Khan 05 January 2009

You have reached the epilogue and i have always felt that i am still in the prologue, this sitting is so well descrbed here with firmness for the moment is too intense, , very well penned, ,

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Tom Golding 16 December 2008

An ancient theme handled in a refreshing way.

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Sandra Fowler 06 November 2008

Your rich use of simile and metaphor enhance the aesthetic value of this rarely beautiful piece. Exceptional, Naseer. Your friend at poemhunter, Sandra

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