Epistle To An Old Friend Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Epistle To An Old Friend

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You are a doctor now - I've heard
A colourful glass jar
Your figure
With a dedicative label
Of service to the sick and the suffering.

I've heard
Your dreams have come true
The waning, waxing moons
Of quaint wishes
We saw together
Have blossomed to fullness.
Away and beyond
In lands overseas
All chapters of your book
Of youthful ambitions
Have come to be written.

I've heard
You have got all you ever
Wished for, desired.
All ideals realized.
A higher academic degree
Fame, renown and status
A pretty home
A loving husband - and children!

Best wishes
For all th' laurels won
All that you've done.

But O my Messiah
Of long-forgotton woes!
Did you ever give
A backward glance?

The time-worn memory album
Was always there to see
Faces, friendly and faithful
Dust-laden though
In the pledges of everlasting rememberance.

What lenses
Of remorse
Will ever reveal visages of past?
How'll you ever
Bridge the empty spaces
Rolling from dreams
To eyes - and beyond?
How'll you ever
Put soothing balm
On your self-afflicted wounds?

Joseph Poewhit 13 November 2008

Pretty emotional poem

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Daniel Tyler 27 March 2009

What a metaphor in the first stanza! Really superb; you sum up the frailty of friendship very well.

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Antonio Liao 11 March 2009

that is a poem of a friend...never it change for friendship always there... what ever...when ever...it comes you are always my friend....and the poet of this poem is really my friend..thank you my friend and God speed

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Cathryn Adeli 22 February 2009

interesting, i felt the sting of one who follows their own path and neglets to look back to those who are following or helped them in so many ways to get where they are. thanks for reminding me. nicely done.

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Miriam Maia Padua 14 February 2009

beautiful, and amusing epistle for a friend...writing it into poetry makes it more touching.. inspiring piece.....to be our best in the future too... old friends makes us remember our past and face today with a smile and continue to cherish the memories...10

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Sandra Fowler 14 November 2008

Old friends are gold without a doubt. Even when our memories of them hurt us into poetry. Very touching. Warm regards, Sandra

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