Don'T Ever Come, O December Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Don'T Ever Come, O December

Rating: 4.7

Look December
Don't ever come now!
Look, December
Deserts unnumbered have expanded in me.
All my rivers
Are silted with the sands of loneliness.
Now only I
And the weight of my loneliness
Remain together.

Look, December
In your frozen nights
In your sleepless nights
Who will knit dreamlike sweaters?
Who will pick snowflakes falling in the soul?

Look, December
Don't ever come now!
And even if you do come
Don't go to the abodes of the sun
Wearing the snows of your woes.
Don't ever go to my loved ones!

Look, December
Don't ever come now!

(Translated from the original Urdu into English by Dr. Satyapal Anand)

Nayyar Shabbir Ahmad 13 February 2010


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Elizabeth Dawn 28 January 2010

Its a very elegant poem I was truely touched by your words Im looking forward to your next poem. Great Job Naseer!

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Wang Qian 25 January 2010

Fantastic, delicate...I love it.

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Niq Castro 13 January 2010

Don't go to the abodes of the sun Wearing the snows of your woes Dear Naseer, you express your insights and emotions with great wisdom through what is called poetry. For that, you had also thought me to write poems from the heart. Niq Castro (Philippines; female; 15)

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Maddy White-dove 08 January 2010

it is really beautiful naseer! and briana, its not wat it seems, think deeeper n u'll appreciate it.

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 21 November 2017

Interesting write speaks for own.

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Annabel Inman 24 March 2011

I love this reminds me of winter...esp now that my father passed away this January. I can see myself reciting this poem (like begging for the winter to stay away) to try to push away the sadness that now will surely come with the end of fall and into the winter months that are now truly sad too me. But this poem is wonderful too doesnt make me happy; it kind of makes me sad, but I can empathize with what the poet is saying and that, I love about this poem!

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Yelena M. 17 July 2010

I don't remember if I commented here, just to say that this poem is quite outstanding in its imagery and works on many levels.I read it many times, and each time discovered something new to ponder on and appreciate. And surely for every reader it signifies something special for his/her personality and soul, for me it is longing for a dream, for something fragile that we try to keep in our hearts even in cold times of our existence..Thanks, Naseer.

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Supriya Prathapan 28 March 2010

Winter can be very depressive. There is hardly any sunshine. No greenery. People prefer to stay indoors.It gets very lonely out there. Besides, December signifies the death of an year. Well written.10++

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Vandavasu Vittal 06 March 2010

A very opulent write and thanks for sharing sir

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