Essences Poem by Soumili Karmakar


A cat on his lap stays with him;
White curtains drew away from the ocean streams,
They glanced towards the azuring blue,
Hoping to live, even though away from the titles they once knew.

A cold city with two warm hearts,
Beating for you just for the evening stroll.

Dolphins played, as the Zephyrus blew;
I sat on the skiff wondering, " Where were you! "
Questions to my answers were given through aether;
"The day has begun! ", I exclaimed to my heartly greeter.

She knows me,
And now my eyes won't cry in vain;
I called her,
And now she's coming back on a lively train.

A violin near the great old piano;
Presuming to be played during the morning prayer.
Evening gatherings of the birds after the noon,
The lights of her eyes aspiring to paint a blush,
But what shall I say, when her streaming tears were in rush.

An age, or a century:
Moments all I count
Patience is all, at last manifestation will be found.

Even if you don't return, I will still write to you,
A day will come when I'll sit next to you.

The Eternal Providence smiled from the ethereal plain,
Her sparkling earrings clinched, as it rained.

The vernal flower loved the grass,
Though she knew she couldn't grasp.
The buds of Jasmines were now lining to preach,
Were you wondering,
How did I see you teach.

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