Eternal Love Poem by Sreekala Sukumaran

Eternal Love

Rating: 5.0

You look calm and elegant
Your divinity is amazing
Would love to be around
Singing praises for you
Make my life eternal.

Pluck beautiful flowers
From exquisite gardens
To make wonderful garland
With my heart and soul
Just for you my love.

O'my dear lord charmed
To be in your thoughts
Tend to draw near me
When I think of you to
Make my life everlasting.

Your lovely music inspires
Flows sweetly from your
Majestic flute wish I could
Dance to your pleasing tune
Linger in my ears forever.

Kind to feel your presence
In most attractive garden
Hold me within you to
Listen to mellow spiel
Thaw solely in you.

My prayers in your name
Serves with most sincerity
Thou gave sublime life
Feel happy and holy
Nothing more do I need.

Very clearly see you dear
Your strong wide arms
Reach out for me to
Take my place beside you
Thou made my life eternal….

Kishore Kumar Das 09 April 2016

God has been described with plethora of love in the form of nature beautifully by you...

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Robyn Selters 29 November 2012

a truly lovely poem... great ending line and delightful imagery throughout! :)

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Hans Vr 21 November 2012

Beautiful expression of eternal love for the lord the reciprocality of the emotion and the sincerity is felt throughout the poem Wonderful poem, Sree

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