Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Even After This Earth; Was No Longer Mine - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Some loved her for her ravishingly sensuous lips; insatiably wanting to feast on their enchantingly mesmerizing softness,

Some loved her for her tantalizingly seductive smiles; tirelessly wanting to become every tinkle of rapturous laughter; that she ebulliently diffused from her poignant throat,

Some loved her for her exotically glistening sweat; salaciously wanting to titillatingly suckle it; till the very end of their times,

Some loved her for her rhapsodically heaving bosom; treacherously wanting to incarcerate its voluptuous contours; in the delights of their cold-bloodedly
bohemian palms,

Some loved her for her ravishingly tantalizing hair; perennially wanting to feel its exhilarating cascaded; upon their brutally impoverished lap's,

Some loved her for her enticingly melodious voice; unsurpassably wanting to be the every tune that she so majestically wafted; from within the inner most realms of her soul,

Some loved her for her ingratiatingly flapping ears; satanically wanting to nibble their gloriously tingling sweetness; till times beyond infinite infinity,

Some loved her for her fascinatingly intoxicating belly; indefatigably wanting to nestle in its compassionate softness; every unfurling instant of the sweltering and well past the heart of vibrantly vivacious midnight,

Some loved her for her euphorically reverberating legs; uxoriously wanting to dance with her triumphant form; and their bodies wholesomely intermingled with her compassionate rhyme,

Some loved her for her charmingly silken palms; devilishly wanting to coalesce every element of their destiny with hers; hide their ungainly faces in her invincibly unflinching fists,

Some loved her for her immaculately scintillating teeth; tyrannically wanting to make them their nimbly listening slave; chattering in obeisant submission to even the most mercurial of their commands,

Some loved her for her spell bindingly heavenly fragrance; timelessly wanting to captivate its miraculous freshness; in their truculently manipulative repertoire,
Some loved her for her royal sensitivity; forcefully wanting to forever melange with her astoundingly celestial artistry; to fantastically alleviate their haplessly shattered lives,

Some loved her for her impeccably blessing stride; unrelentingly wanting to incarcerate every step on which she tread; to irrefutably uplift themselves in
all aspects of mystically unveiling life,

Some loved her for her aristocratically fluttering eyelashes; inexorably wanting to flirt with her playfully rollicking countenance; gloriously catapulting them back into the realms of their innocent childhood,

Some loved her for her unfathomably satiny gentleness; endlessly wanting to assimilate all the sweetness of her survival; in the horrifically spurious masks
of their satanic crime,

Some loved her for her unassailably priceless honesty; intransigently wanting to capture her indomitably humanitarian spirit; in the whites of their pathetically dwindling eyes,

Some loved her for her stupendously exultating breath; irrevocably wanting to deluge their disdainfully lugubrious and worthlessly cacophonic corpses; with the Omnipresent elixir of her magically endowing existence,

While I loved her for her divinely immortal heart; for the uninhibited reservoir of togetherness that she spread on every direction that she holistically traversed; for the Omnipotent purpose that she had so optimistically illuminated in my slithering life; for the perpetual love which she had so selflessly showered upon me; bonding her beats with me even after this earth was no longer mine.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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