Evening Hunger Poem by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Evening Hunger

Rating: 4.8

When hunger came
I went to kitchen
Cooked rice
Made a soup of chicken

Hunger lessened
Had a glass of wine
Felt not comfortable
To have the food alone

Took the mobile phone
Called to him
Who lives same as I

Welcoming sudden invitation
He is to come
Prepared the table for two

Second glass of wine
Toasted with the friend
We had a happy time
Talking about problems

Transcendent solution
To the boarding evening

How it will be

Hunger is not the curry for meal all the time
Wine is not the friend for loneliness all the time

Smoky Hoss 15 September 2012

Very wise words. Good poem.

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Thomas Hsi 17 September 2012

Wow! You really know how to describe the 'under-belly' of living. The human condition in all its forms. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

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Terry O'leary 16 September 2012

Very nice image of the human condition... Terry

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Eric Cockrell 16 September 2012

we who walk the path always seek true companions!

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Poetheart Morgan 16 September 2012

The solitude is well described in your pen! ! ! is very difficult to deal with it every day,   then they come when they could, Friends.

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You are so natural... you are to give a different experience altogether over here. Thank you for the invitation.

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