Everyone's Tale Poem by Ayman Parray

Everyone's Tale

Let me tell you everyone's story,
Nonetheless one of battle and glory
There once lived a man I,
He believed in an eye for an eye
I had only but one desire,
And that was to set the world on fire
All the world merely a stage,
Once said that old time sage
I played the role of a deceiver to perfection,
Hidden from all eyes his true intention
But there was good in his heart somewhere deep,
When battling his demons I appeared a creep
As mountains upon mountains of sorrows within he would scale,
Battles upon Battles in the good fight I began to fail
One day I met you free of sin,
You taught I how to liberate his soul and win
Once more into the fray I went,
You's blessing for him heaven sent
This time I killed all the demons one by one,
But was defeated by the one he couldn't shun
To this day the demon has not let I go,
The greatest of a pride of demons calling itself ego
Locked in endless battle with the demon I has been,
Who will defeat whom that remains to be seen

Ayman Parray © 2016
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: ego ,life,motivational
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