The Beast Within Poem by Ayman Parray

The Beast Within

Rating: 4.3

Has someone told you how difficult it is?
To tame the beast within
He growls, he howls, he lynches, he mauls,
He does all he can to taint you with sin
A man's face, a serpent's tail, a dragon's weight on the soul
A foul smell emanates from him
And he truly deserves the deep, dark, infernal hole
Many men have fallen prey
To his evil plot!
But there are a few, who have slain the beast,
With a single shot!
The Angel and the Devil both within
But where does one end and the other begin?

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Sunday, June 21, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: angel,dark,motivation
Aisha Rehman 30 June 2015

Wonderful piece. I really liked it. A true picture of human being. Thanks for sharing.

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Ayman Parray 10 July 2015

Gratitude my friend. Thank you.

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Nosheen Irfan 04 February 2016

The question at the end is a very significant one. We all have a battle raging inside us...battle between good n evil. But there's a very subtle difference between the two, hence the question of how to distinguish one from the other. Great work.10

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Zvikov Chirema 27 January 2016

Hmmmm, the light is known from the darkness... Nice poem

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Akhtar Jawad 28 July 2015

A great and thoughtful poem.................................

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Ayman Parray 29 July 2015

Thank you sir, for your kind and thoughtful words

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Sandra Feldman 26 July 2015

Excellent! You have poetically and perfectly described, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With very much intensity, the picture arrives. Robert Louis Stevenson would have been very proud!

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Ayman Parray 26 July 2015

Thanks so much Sandra, for your kind and poetic words. If Sandra Feldman says its excellent, I believe it is.

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Valsa George 22 July 2015

Within us reside the angel and the devil.... Those who succeed in slaining the beast are saved! But sometimes we fail to distinguish between the angel and the devil and there our sad predicament begins! A poem short and simple but containing deep thoughts! The diction is powerful too! Enjoyed!

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Ayman Parray 22 July 2015

Thank you Valsa, It gives me immense pleasure that you enjoyed one of my poems

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