Ayman Parray Poems

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Bottomless Pit

I will stare down into the bottomless pit
Till I see a reflection in it
The abyss never lies
Only deceives the weak, the blind

Alone In The Dark

Alone in the dark, in darkness and doubt,
The mind is a maze, no good thought can sprout
Deep down below in the blackest of holes,
Your sins drag you to hell; the weight on your souls

Kelly Kurt (Limerick)

Of all the poets in the west
He is the best, he is the best
His name is Kelly Kurt
Not one soul would he hurt


Sun sets it is dim of light
No enemy in sight
Battle over end of fight
They cry for death every night

The Beast Within

Has someone told you how difficult it is?
To tame the beast within
He growls, he howls, he lynches, he mauls,
He does all he can to taint you with sin

Politicians (Limerick)

Politicians do make their name
All along playing a dirty game
They have no real guts
Are actually nuts

Life And Death

I have lived and I have died
A thousand maybe more times
Every life that I have lived
I have been inspired to write

Wife Beater (Limerick)

There was once a fat, ugly, wife beater
He was also a drunk and a cheater
His chair a hot iron rod
Made by the will of God


Better to be alone than in bad company
Said the wise man to me
The sultan of saints broke his silence
When strengthened seven times in speech by O Lord thee

Wolf Bite (Limerick)

A girl walking in the moonlit night
Was interrupted by howling fright
A man so smitten
As if wolf bitten

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