Giant (Limerick) Poem by Ayman Parray

Giant (Limerick)

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A giant once didn't care for his soul
Sins he would commit eat humans whole
Sometimes would get a fit
Everyone he would hit
A brave knight tore him a new hole

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Monday, July 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: heroism,humorous
For my brother Sayim Wani. Slayer of giants.
Akhtar Jawad 09 December 2015

The giant deserved it, a lovely limerick.

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Ayman Parray 11 December 2015

Yes he did. Thank you Akhtar Sahib

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 August 2015

Stunning expression. Fun ending and amusing one. Thanks for sharing.

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Ayman Parray 06 August 2015

Thank you Kumarmani. My brother Sayim is inspiration for this one. And your comments are a constant source of inspiration.

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Roseann Shawiak 04 August 2015

Had to laugh out loud at this one, especially the last line! Very important message within it though! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn

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Ayman Parray 04 August 2015

It gives me immense happiness that I was able to make you laugh RoseAnn. Sometimes 'the medium is the message', said a wise man :)

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Valsa George 30 July 2015

Rightly deserved end to the wicked giant.....! Along with humour, you have brought out a moral too! Evil will be punished! A nice dedication to your valiant and daring brother! Enjoyed Ayman!

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Ayman Parray 30 July 2015

Thank You Valsa, your beautiful and unique writing style are unmatched and it shows in your comments too. I wrote this to cheer up my brother Sam as he is far away from home and loved ones.

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Kelly Kurt 29 July 2015

I would like to know what metaphorical giant your dear brother slayed. Great limerick with a fun ending

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Ayman Parray 29 July 2015

Dear Kelly he has slain some metaphorical giants and some actual ones I will tell you in a message :)

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