Evil Spirits Poem by Meena Kandasamy

Evil Spirits

Rating: 3.1

You are possessed.
Witch doctors believe in phantoms,
that cause your illness. But, driving out devils
can be challenging. Spirits are given away—

We are made to sit opposite you,
Force-fed a ‘meal'—bland food mixed
with your hair, nails, spit and pus.
Illegally (despite the government ban) ,
We take your hoard of evil spirits
Barter-system: for having ate your food.

And because ghosts and ghouls
obey your rules, they leave you to come to us.
Is this ‘transference'? An unofficial appeasement.
We become inhabited by the dead,
who ruins our doomed lives. Demons in our
bodies are brutal tenants and frequently,

They suck with their vampire tongues
to drink our anemic blood —
leave their puncture marks, which
can be faintly seen on our black skins;
skins that bear greater scars,
reminders of larger, human cruelty...

Anyway, there isn't a lot of life in our bodies.
We are souls. Wandering souls. Still, once
Ghost-tasted, we rot away. We rot away.
Remember, rotting is a long procedure...
Day by day, we grow coffin cold and slowly
Life creeps out, a lazy earthworm.
At last, we die.

We die.

(First published in Kritya)

Vincent Levine 02 August 2018

Day by day, we grow coffin cold- That's a chilling thought! Nicely done!

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Gajanan Mishra 18 August 2014

very fine writing, thanks.

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Ravindran Govindaraju 11 September 2013

the casteist ghosts who fed on our hard labour, harboured ignorance, When rotting as time decays, As..phoenix. we rise..

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Imelda Ortega Suzara 30 May 2013

Demon possession and exorcism exists in other countries and religions? Thought this was mainly a Christian only notion against witchcraft.

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