Meena Kandasamy

(1984 - / Chennai / India)

Meena Kandasamy Poems

1. ThisPoemWillProvokeYou 8/4/2016
2. Six hours of chastity 8/4/2016
3. Speech Comes After Swallowing 8/4/2016
4. Untitled Love 8/4/2016
5. A Poem In Which She Remembers 8/4/2016
6. Sunset At Siem Reap 8/4/2016
7. Dead Woman Walking 8/4/2016
8. Flesh Finds A Form Of Address 8/4/2016
9. Jouissance 8/4/2016
10. Random Access Man 8/4/2016
11. Ms.Militancy 8/4/2016
12. Passion Becomes Piety 8/4/2016
13. Babies And The Bathwater 8/4/2016
14. Big Brother: An Epic In Eighteen Episodes 8/4/2016
15. Celestial Celebrities 8/4/2016
16. Eating Dirt 8/4/2016
17. Facing The Music 8/4/2016
18. Firewalkers 8/4/2016
19. Lady Justice 8/4/2016
20. Martyr 8/4/2016
21. Massacre Of The Innocents 8/4/2016
22. Moon-Gazers 8/4/2016
23. Nailed 8/4/2016
24. Not That One 8/4/2016
25. Once My Silence Held You Spellbound 8/4/2016
26. Princess-in-Exile 8/4/2016
27. Sangharsh Karna Hai 8/4/2016
28. Screwtiny 8/4/2016
29. Straight Talk 8/4/2016
30. The Belt-Bomb Girl's Suicide Note 8/4/2016
31. Why She Writes Of Her Love 8/4/2016
32. You Don’t Know If You Are Yielding Or Resisting 6/20/2012
33. When The God Drank Milk 6/20/2012
34. Non-Conversations With A Lover 6/20/2012
35. Storming In Tea-Cups 6/20/2012
36. The Gods Wake Up 6/20/2012
37. Sage In The Cubicle 6/20/2012
38. Whispered Intimacies 6/20/2012
39. Reverence :: Nuisance 6/20/2012
40. ONE-Eyed 8/4/2016

Comments about Meena Kandasamy

  • Tharani Appuswamy (2/2/2014 11:54:00 AM)

    Being born in a community likely regarded as the so called upper caste Hindus I may not be able to empathize with the plight of those who were unprivileged and were born 'outcasts'. i may not even wholly be able to comprehend their anger, agitation and vulnerability. But as a woman regardless of any community/caste that has been connived to be endowed upon me through hereditary, I too belong to a sect 'marginalized and discriminated'. and i really do believe that every exploitation that births itself by losing humanity finds refugee through corruption; corruption in every field, be it politics, education, or any reputable professions (beginning with drainage cleaners) . Miss Meena's agitation demands an immediate solution and i believe it would be answered only through annihilation of exploitations beginning with corruption. Lets not be hideous when it comes to revealing how the world really works! Ofcourse the world is not fair and square! ! ! Yes corruption in every class, caste, community, race and gender. Money smiles in each and everyone's life; and it smiles brighter upon those who bribe. The ultimate truth though!

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  • Ravindran Govindaraju Ravindran Govindaraju (6/19/2013 4:45:00 AM)

    of course You saw the secret. Discovered the Hidden. versatile.
    You are one of the full many flower born to blush and seen.
    I am proud of you. Now I am not abashed to share for being one among st You. Believe me you are good influencer. God bless you. Kindly keep going.(Article May 2013, India Today 'Woman', page 29 nicely portrays You..)

  • Siyad Kasim (12/5/2012 6:56:00 AM)

    Miss Meena, Your boldness, courage, and strength, remembering me as Kamaladas, you are a Little Kamaladas,

Best Poem of Meena Kandasamy

Advaita: The Ultimate Question

Non Dualism
Atman Self
Brahman God
Are Equal
And Same.
So I
Untouchable Outcast
Am God.
Will You
Ever Agree?
No Matter
What You
Preach ...

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Apologies For Living On

I am living on
because providing apologies is easy


i was making choices
with insanely safe ideas of

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