Advaita: The Ultimate Question Poem by Meena Kandasamy

Advaita: The Ultimate Question

Rating: 2.9

Non Dualism
Atman Self
Brahman God
Are Equal
And Same.
So I
Untouchable Outcast
Am God.
Will You
Ever Agree?
No Matter
What You
Preach Answer
Me. Through
Your Saints.
One More
Final Question
Can My
Untouchable Atman
And Your
Brahmin Atman
Ever Be

Subbaraman N V 02 April 2013

Yes: sure that is the greatness of Hinduism that treats all human beings are equal and saysbrahmam okate, brahmam okate

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Tom Allport 04 March 2017

a poem of equality to all men?

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 March 2017

Final Question! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Antony Theodore 28 December 2017

So I Untouchable Outcast Am God. Will You Ever Agree? yes i agree thousand times......... we shall as poets raise our voice together against such inequalties of the society....... wonderful poem. thank you for bringing in such themes to our poet's world in PH. thank you again.. tony.

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Douglas Scotney 04 March 2017

keep puttin' it to 'em Meena

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Mahtab Bangalee 20 February 2020

One Yeah All one From One, become oneness, to One All same form the soul in varieties bodies, in varieties colors, in varieties thoughts with faith and faithless realistic truth!

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Rajnish Manga 20 February 2020

Thought provoking and challenging. Thanks.

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Sivaraman 05 August 2018

Read Manisha Panchagam by Adi Sankara

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Atman is a concept. No one is untouchable. Very good expression of mind.

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Savita Tyagi 28 December 2017

Heart that wants to unite all as one beating heart of universe and the mind that steps in to create divisions........a question worthy of answer that nobody is able to provide or understand fully.

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