An Angel Meeting Me Poem by Meena Kandasamy

An Angel Meeting Me

Rating: 2.9

and may be we will
almost fall in love...
I will look into his eyes,
and he into mine—
my one single eye,
(the unfortunate other
blinded by a disciplinizing slap)
and we will agree, adjust
that Love can be Blind.
And he, healthy boy
well-fed, white with his rosy cheeks,
will wonder about me,
pity my bony body, those thin ribs
and worry
and feel my twisted ears
and the scars on my hands,
(reminders of the flirtation
of my skin and a cruel cane)
and perhaps lift my skirt...
Before he learns the greater horrors,
I owe him the truth of me—
So, I will say to him:
"I went to school".

Mahtab Bangalee 19 July 2020

love there is first love not like the childish but boyish a feelings from the inside with a biological tenderness, warming like the touching of buds touching with no lips in no time with no talking it comes just like the dawn breeze passing by the ear, nose, ever-spring thing, eyes...... no broken heart in the flirting skirts, no Iustful enjoyment but in a room of the study love squeezing itself automatically

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This is all about disciplineary action on skipping school And love between master and disciple....insightful, thanks for sharing......1o++

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very beautiful and sentimental too.. i loved it.. clear 10 The magic touch Monday,20th July 2020 I take leave politely and promise him to see daily I can see the shine on his face yes, he has the love's trace for me Hasmukh Mehta

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 July 2020

Yes! ! Say to him that, you went to school learn! ! Going through the hands of many teachers! With the scars of life to tell your story! ! ! ! Love, Love is very blind at times! However, true love motivates the whole body; Ready to share and care. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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