poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Excellence Only

If you are the kind to whine.
Make excuses and complain,
The Excellence Only Program...
Is not for you.

The ones to make claims,
They are devoted...
AND committed,
Will be required to remain,
Painfully disciplined.
With a doing to listen.
Learn and comprehend,
The one who teaches...
Will be given,
Your utmost respect.
And undivided attention.

There will be no faking,
Of having migraine headaches.
Or created fainting spells,
To waste time to make.
Nor will there be,
The taking of 10 minute breaks.
For the purpose to test,
A tolerated patience.
To perceive success to achieve,
Is as easy as A.B.C.

Once you have entered,
The Excellence Only Program...
Just one option do you have,
To use as a legitimate exit.
And that would be...
Carried through it,
On a stretcher.
And a medic does what is best,
To 'hopefully' save you...
From experiencing death.
With it done to attempt,
Getting for yourself...
Some expected empathy.

'That's cold! '

You have not achieved, Excellence yet.
Wait until it's done to come.
With it shown.
And see the kind,
Of reception you get.
Warm shoulders you may expect,
Will quickly freeze.
With eyes frozen solid.
As if ice.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 18, 2017

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