Exceptional Qualities Of A School Principal Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Exceptional Qualities Of A School Principal

The School Principal should possess special qualities,
In determining him/her of his/her qualifications,
In managing his/her people in the school vineyard,
These extra-ordinary strengths or qualities,
Will make School Leader possesses exceptional skills,
Of beingleader and follower as well.

The School Principal should first be transparent,
He/She should have the clean conscience,
The one that has the drive to teach his/her people,
To bring back the value of honesty
And amodel of such virtue.
Before the School Principal could mandate honesty and transparency,
He/she should be a paragon of such virtue for others to follow.
Transparency becomes the aftermath of honesty
Which the school leader should possess.

Good Visionary
The School Principal is avisualizer,
Of the schoolfuture and stakeholders too,
This kind of special quality is considered an exceptional,
For not all of us can have a good visionary gift,
He or she can be a fortune- teller,
Who could guess what happen in the future,
But unlike the fortune- teller,
The School Principal can guess,
What will happen in a month or year to come,
Through his/ her anticipating skills,
Decision- making skills, extra-sensory skill
And through his/her experience.

Risk Taker
A school leader is also arisk taker,
Not for himself/herself but for his/her constituents,
The best leader is the one who tries to cross the unchartered seas,
And see for himself what lies beyond,
This is another exceptional skill of being a leader,
Someone has to be brave enough to wave his might and risk his job,
To divert funds for another projects for all the rests.
School leader takes risks in their abrupt decision,
On matters of immediate solution to a problem,
Like reporting to Department of Social Worker and Development (DSWD)personnel of student's case of parental abuse,
And to uniformed men of drug addiction cases,
These are only few instances of the risk- taking decisions,
Of School Principal in his/her journey of leadership.

An Eye and Heart for his/her People
The School Principal should capitalize his/her own personnel,
He/She should know who his /her potential personnel are,
He/She should not leave those non-performing ones,
But tries to think of remedies/ solutions in making them performing,
Giving better opportunities to those the performing ones,
Giving encouragementto the later,
School leader should think of what joy,
comfort, reward, incentives and award,
He/she could exhaust from his/her leadership,
For the betterment of his/her human capital
The feeling of self-awareness of people's emotion,
Should be profoundly considered by School Principal,
For harmonious relationship exists within the organization,
School Principal should accept his/her weakness,
And listen to his/her people,
Because School Principal should not have only an eye,
For the school problems but an eye for his/her people's potentials, emotions and needs.

Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

Gingoog City, Philippines
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