Hero In The Classroom Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Hero In The Classroom

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A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Teaching children of not his blood,
Nurturing then of knowledge flood,
Burning midnight candles,
Doesn't matter all,
their achievements are his goal.

Addressing different learning styles,
With various teaching aids on files,
Preparing a friendly atmosphere,
Even none from his relatives care.

The forgotten hero in the classroom,
Toiling overtime forgetting time,
You wonder he is paid under time,
Job unrecognized, being late recognized.

Shock absorber of children's home dilemma,
Protector of children's right,
One lose footing is and err to faulty eyes,
the blame of one, an eraser of myriad works.

He is a hero, the invincible child's dream designer,
His music is the melodious children's laughter,
His destiny is to deal a challenge every year,
His joy is the star of diploma in each students' finger.

Akachukwu Lekwauwa 13 March 2016

you have eloquently celebrated our teachers...I am beginning to number all of my heroes and heroine in the classroom

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Siglinde Good 17 July 2009

'His music is the melodious childrens laughter' - what a beautiful phrase. An awe inspiring piece, that everyone, particularly us westerners, should read to open all those blind eyes... Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

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Audrey Heller 18 July 2009

A wonderful tribute, to all teachers! Many, have made a big difference in our lives, for without their knowledge and guidness, where would, we be! It's because of them, we can read, write and go on to greater challanges! A very lovely, dedication!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 25 July 2009

May all teachers be inspired by this poem

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M Asim Nehal 13 March 2016

A wonderful tribute to all teachers, Nicely written.Thanks for sharing

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Unnikrishnan E S 15 July 2019

Hi Ms Aparejo, This is a lovely poem, paying loving tribute to a teacher. No, the entire teacher community. Good write. Appreciate.

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Jeanette Telusma 31 March 2017

A teacher as hero... lovely, that's awesome when students feel this way about their teachers.

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Susan Aparejo 17 March 2016

thank you to all of you who feel and love the contents of my work. thank you very much for inspiring me as writer

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Sadi Basaran 13 March 2016

very nice apoem.really beauty to write ateacher to be

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So much facts in wonderful imaginations in the poem.

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Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

Gingoog City, Philippines
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