Clouds And Me Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Clouds And Me

Rating: 4.4

I watched the clouds
and it watch me too,
I talked to him but gently flow
he waves farewell in my head above,
and joined the others to form new shape.

I appealed to to remain his shape,
he just nodded but couldn't resist,
he made me stare at him
enjoy the apparition in a while,
yet in a minute or two,
he simply passes me by.

Still I shouted where did he go?
he never answer but went to flow
how I wish I could follow
he can move to and fro,
the freedom he loves to
is the freedom I don't have to.
he could travel anywhere
without fare and toes
to him there's no place to hide
for me I have no place to ride.

Hail to you, white feathery clouds,
just visit me and dropped me some rain,
bring my greetings to the world in heaven,
that someday I would be like you,
flying in my journey to heaven...soon..

Nikunj Sharma 10 July 2009

Susan...this poem is excellent.simple words and deep meanings...keep it my poem called an ode for the rain...

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Sameer Ahmed 30 June 2009

The imagery well illuminated and the imaginative bondage between you and the cotton wool like beautiful clouds is a picturesque. The beauty is well deified in this poem that shows your love for scenics.....10/10

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Rommel Mark Marchan 26 June 2009

cloud talking is mostly done by mortal being aspiring to be like a feathery clouds travelling to infinity man by nature is always seeking answers for his unanswerable journey of tranquility

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 22 June 2009

The scenical touch in this spontaneous chit-chat with clouds is splendid. A wishful comparison between a cloud and the first person singular of this poem has been described nicely through this charming write. Best Wishes Naseer

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Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

Gingoog City, Philippines
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