Excuses Poem by Haven Leonel


Excuses excuses, I promise they're not useless
I've dished out so many for many different uses
The basic simple use is, they helped prevent the bruises
The pain and the hurt from facing what the truth is

for a guy to make a spark he has to spark the fuses
thru lies or excuses, or which ever one he chooses
What sounds better wins and the truth always loses.
To say the truth to a girl she won't listen, she refuses

When guys say the truth, girl will think they're douches
Then its adios, see ya later, sayonara, deuces.

Now don't think I've lied to not hurt someone, I haven't.
But I do consider that being smooth is a true talent
It's a gift to know just how to word it different
So you say what you want without the truth being absent

It's brilliant because if you say I lied then technically I didn't.
I just told you the truth, just in a way more pleasant
It may sound bad to you but to me it doesn't, I lied? I wouldn't.
It's just in that instant I know what to say and what I shouldn't.

It's like my personal profession that reduces friction
I change the truth into my own translation for a better outcome and reaction
If I want to tell you how I feel, speak sweet and with compassion
Or get something off my chest for my own satisfaction

I'll chalk it up to being tired, medication or intoxication
That way you don't take me seriously or give it much attention.
But I still got to tell you how I felt or tell you my confession
I just said it perfectly to make sure that there's no tension.

Youll say 'oh he doesn't really mean it, he's just not all there'
When the truth is that I do but I'm just a little scared
That if I say it honestly then you wouldn't care,
Think I'm strange, make things awkward, so it's just not fair

You might mean the world to me but for me to say it would be rare
My thoughts and feelings are something you may just not share
It's too risky, it's too hard, it's a chance...I couldn't dare
So I'll tell you in my own way so that it's easier to bare.

Me 'I'm so tired right now'
her 'your always tired lol'
Me 'your amazing and beautiful and perfect, I love you :) '
her 'HAHA, your just tired, you don't even know what your saying do you! ! '

....yeah...i actually do, I'm not tired at all..so what I said..was true.

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