Gamer Poem by Haven Leonel


They say that life is not a game but I have to admit
It seems to be the same or pretty close to it
You got your characters and stories
Your Challengers and worries

Adventures, and your puzzles
You got happy times and troubles
You have enemies and friends
Your beginnings and your ends

You have fights and you have fun
You can walk or crawl or run
You can swim, or drive a car
You can flee but not too far

You need items to live on
You miss a chance it's gone.
There's a purpose to our lives
There's a reason for our tries

We make a choice we can't turn back
We make our friends we choose our pack
Life is a game that we try to win
Just when we think it's over it starts over again

Life is a game and it's one that we all play
We can change our course with each thing that we say
One mistake and the game shifts you a new way
You can lose a good friend within a single day

You can try your best to go back but your tries will be useless
You can give it everything you have until it leaves you breathless
Become tameless, become reckless, become dangerous but still helpless
It's game over, end of story, I've got nothing left here for me.

I'm so tired but I know that I can't quit
Life's a game filled with drama and I'm sick and tired of it.
We make mistakes and do things that we regret
We grow attached to objects or people that we've met

Yeah life's like a game and it's set to extreme
My advice is be careful what you do and only say things that you mean
Life is hard and I've had to put up with so much freaking ish
But I guess that I'll move on and play my game til I finish.

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