Expect Nothing Poem by Alice Walker

Expect Nothing

Rating: 3.9

Expect nothing. Live frugally
On surprise.
become a stranger
To need of pity
Or, if compassion be freely
Given out
Take only enough
Stop short of urge to plead
Then purge away the need.

Wish for nothing larger
Than your own small heart
Or greater than a star;
Tame wild disappointment
With caress unmoved and cold
Make of it a parka
For your soul.

Discover the reason why
So tiny human midget
Exists at all
So scared unwise
But expect nothing. Live frugally
On surprise.

Michael Morgan 20 March 2012

Wonderful stoical sentiments economically unrolled. Great poem!

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Mekhi Jackie 20 May 2018

Yup I agree

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Kainwo Moses 12 July 2009

The world would be a better place if all were to live like this expecting nothing. The world would be rid of suicides. My ambitious spirit tells me I can. Yes I can!

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Karen Deeks 10 March 2012

Beautiful words so finely put...

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Molaire Jules 11 August 2007

Inspirational Poem!

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Bill Cantrell 19 May 2022

I find your poetry fresh, unique, and enchanting, a breath of fresh air to this site

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With least expectations life becomes a season of joy and contentment. Highly philosophical and full of wisdom.

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Richard Wlodarski 18 May 2022

So much wisdom in this magnificent poem.

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jennifer 17 May 2022

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Chinedu Dike 17 May 2022

Great lines! Powerful work of art.

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