Expressions-Thankyou To All Poem by Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Expressions-Thankyou To All

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When I finally found my soulmate
Oh little did I know
That lots of loving feelings
Would suddenly start to flow

I was overwhelmed with love for him,
I simply had to express
The day he walked into my life
With loving tenderness

So out it came my writing pad
To work I went at ease
How natural my words came out
I didnt have to tease

I had to take a break away
from poetry -my rock
I was not well inside myself
I was suffering writers block

As time moved on I started to feel
The need to write again
I'd worked hard at my therapy
and pushed away the pain

I sat up here all day and night
I met a lot of friends
We have so much in common now
My day just never ends!

So thankyou all whom I have met
I wish you great success
As poetry is part of my life
Its a way that I express


Geoff Warden 25 May 2006

And express ye do....paul ivokes the LOve Out o' u.....

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Ronald Stroman 25 May 2006

sounds like you really mean it. so that means- you're very very serious. if you stop writing i might die... keep me alive.

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David Harris 02 April 2007

Lisa, I came here by mistake one day, and found to my delight a lucky star shining bright. It has brightened up my day and night. So my mistake became a very lucky one. It found me a gem at the end of my computer screen. A soul mate of sorts, I think you know what I mean. Beautiful sentiment that is well expressed. Top Marks from me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend. David

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billy bob 28 June 2006

i liked it: -) a poem did this poet share that brought a smile 2 me bcuz it remided me 2 never stop writing poetry! wow.. ive read so many of your poems.. i think ive adapted 2 your writing style.. again is say.. KEEP WRITING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : -)

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Leigh A. Hill 08 June 2006

what a sweet poem! so glad you shared all your poetry! love starr

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Duncan Wyllie 05 June 2006

And thankyou for sharing your poetry life with us, take good care, Love Duncan X

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Deanna More 25 May 2006

.. Oh, I do enjoy 'Rhythm & Rhyme' Poetry! And Lisa, you write it so eloquently..! This poem is delightful. The non-convoluted thoughts written in unobstructed english ensures a smooth and easy read. You poetically express well! Another 10 for you! Deanna xx ..

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Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Northumberland, England
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