Facelift Poem by Loretta Shively


So many people
in so many places
reading expressions
on so many faces...
Faces of neighbors
and faces on phones.
Faces in crowds
that look sad and alone.
Faces on feces
emojis to show
when we feel silly
or when we feel low.
Feelings are labeled
by looking at faces
regardless of ages,
of language, or races.
We're understood
by the look on our face
in need of some friendship
or needing some space.
So many appear
to be focused and worried,
afraid of the future
and constantly hurried.
I find myself guilty
when driving to town,
when shopping or cleaning;
it feels like a frown...
An ever so slight
inward draw of the brow.
Why isn't my tendency
always to smile? ?
Apparently faces
start deeper somewhere,
in a place called the brain
hidden under the hair.
I think it is thoughts
that appear on the face
to say if we're anxious
or living by grace...
So rise every morning
and wash your face clean
and pray that God's joy
on your face will be seen.
And when you feel creases
start forming up there,
start counting your blessings
or whisper a prayer.
To be happy's a choice.
Put the smiles on your faces
and be like the sunshine
in dark shadowed places.

Loretta Shively

Saturday, August 13, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: positiveness,happiness,expressions,face,emotions
Bri Edwards 29 August 2022

I like the rhyming and short lines, but......though some of your advice may be helpful to some, have you REALLY TESTED, your own face? : ) bri

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