Exposed Poem by Colette Dright


He exposed me to the hurt and lies, the brokenness, pain and distrust
The selfishness, the cheating, the loneliness and the lust
The darkness, the sadness, the hurtful words, the madness
The bitterness, the struggles, the anger and rejection
Confusion, disappointment, lack of love and affection
The battle shoes worn, the hurt of a woman scorn

And then I met you -
Thank you for exposing me to what and how real love should be
The warmth of your heart, that I am a major part
The passion of intimacy, the times we shared I truly miss
Thank you for exposing me to the gentleness of your kiss

You exposed me to precious moments in time
Where in that moment you were all mine
To the colors, the sunshine, the brightness, the ray
The prism of light, the beauty of each day

You exposed me to the vision the world has yet to see
The smiles you bring and the love you have that's only just for me
Thank you for exposing me to the smell of your scent
To the softness of your neck, I so love to peck

To knowing what making love without insertion is like
And the value of self worth
Thank you for removing all the darkness, lies and hurt

I think about the times you exposed me to the fullness of caress
And allowed me to hear your heart beat
As I laid my head on your chest

I have always been exposed -
Thank You Heavenly Father for exposing me to Your goodness
For I have been exposed to Your mercy and grace
And Your protection covering me as I went from place to place
To the joy and laughter, great strength and health
The blessings, favor and overflow, the prosperity and the wealth

Thank You Father for exposing me to peace, wisdom, patience and love
Thank You for never leaving me and watching me from above
For strength, confidence and endurance
For the vision, abundance, the newness, calmness and simplicity
And yeah... all that good stuff - I thank You!

I thank all who have exposed me -
To the good times and bad, the ups and downs
The ins and outs, the laughs and frowns
To the long walks and late night talks
To the heartbreaks and heartaches
For the moments we conceived
For the love given and received... I am truly grateful!

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cheating,disappointment,experience,grateful,lies,love,rejection,relationships
I started writing this last year in July 2017 and just finished it last night. It started out as I reflected on the hurt one man exposed me to, but don't get me wrong, everything wasn't all bad with him, but in this poem, I used the hurt. And then, I thought about that one, yeah, "That One" (smile) and what a positive influence he has been. So I just used both experiences and topped it off with the BEST ONE, God's exposure and His love for me and just to shine a light on how God exposes us.
Hope you enjoyed it!
M Pierce 17 March 2018

Awesome poem Colette 😊You are an amazing poet .

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