Fate Of Repetition Poem by Julia Luber

Fate Of Repetition

Rating: 5.0

Things exist only because they happen over and over again.
These habits start to imply as infinite that there is never an end.
And sole this measure absconded from what is otherwise unknown.
Shows face simply that it is a part of it.
Synonymating being and tone.
Its tone reflects that it exists and perhaps otherwise it would not.
So go ahead and claim it does not, so that is what you got.
Something else tells you, you shouldn't and so you become only you should.
And this is how Identity becomes, and overrules as the indisputable good.
That exists only because it is you looking at it be-
and so its image does reflect and becomes only that you can see.
And amidst all this definition, you make something all your own.
And that too like reflection is image that it is yours.
But all it is is a memory that that it were and that it
has no open doors.
It has enwrapped you, and defined you, and become you in what it does reflect.
And somewhere it is all still happening, it being what you saw/ now cathect.
And by this function, it shall prove-your senses were too raw.
That all it was that it had ever been was simply because it was what you saw.

Thursday, June 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: reflections
This is also a poem from my fiction saga series. The philosophy of definition is being determined by perception on the part of the viewer.
Edward Kofi Louis 09 August 2019

'Over and over again'! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Julia Luber 09 August 2019

Thank you for reading and responding.

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Jane Campion 13 June 2019

That is, was, and you saw it. Great prceptive powers reside in your poem.

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Julia Luber 13 June 2019

You make what might otherwise be considered too complex succinctly clear- thanks!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 13 June 2019

A well penned Ars Poetica, dear Ma'am Julia....10+++++++++++

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Julia Luber 13 June 2019

Thank you Bernard!

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Julia Luber 13 June 2019

confusing and abstract and complicated but interesting

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