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i don't know where to start
but as it always been said
people come in our life are
for a reason or season
or a life time
and so far you been really good to me
and nice too
it's rare to find some one like that

thank for being my friend
whether you are a reason or a season or a life time
but i know you are a part of my li ...

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

beautiful and ever enchanting wings of poetry, i love your poems.

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Alone, Alone

Alone in the dark room
No one cares about me
so Lonely that i don`t find one to say ' hey '
No one can understand my feelings, my pain
No one can satisfy my soul
My soul covered with Darkness
empty with the precious values
full of the nothingness of the world
the estrangement forms a pic, a wired pic
No one can see, except me

so frightened this world
trying to escape from the pic
no hope to make it a way
following me as myself
Have one aim is to kill
decide to stop running
to find away to hide

New feeling i got to release
For the first time iam ready for the fight
But, it`s not important who will win
What really matters that ' i tried to prove myself '

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hopeless 111 Popularity

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