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Life is full of surprises
It might be joy today and sorrow tomorrow,
Life is so unpredictable
you never know when you would land in trouble,
Expect the unexpected anytime
as the path of our life would not always be fine,
If things are going good today, dont worry, enjoy it, as it wont stay forever
If things are going bad, dont worry either, as it wont stay forever,
As the saying goes 'nothing stays forever, everything passes by'
Everything in life is temporary
Darkness of the night or brightness of the day,
That is the secret of life
Live life kingsize and always be Happy Healthy and Wise.

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Juliandas Kar 28 May 2014

I felt anger to be good one that one egoist should read so that the individual will learn how to over come anger.its very nice.

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Ray Hart 17 October 2012

Lovely poem that brings back memories. Ray

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Kavita Iyer Popularity

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