Fault Lines Of Love Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Fault Lines Of Love

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Love the wonder of life
yet the fault lines of time
always dominate its steadiness;
love the greatest necessity
love the significant stability
yet the fault lines of love always tremble
and vibrate the passion and emotions,
the serenity and composure.
Yet a new love always rushes in
to assist in the process of
recuperation and recovery,
thus aiding the broken heart
to discard recluse and depression.
But the fault lines of love such as
mis-understandings and doubts,
fears and suspicions,
vendetta and vengeance,
jealousy and envy,
dis-agreement and resentment,
abandonment and neglect,
desertion and trauma
divorce and violence
always so common and persistent
in human life
that it often makes love to fall apart
by the agony and anxiety
by the many causes and consequences
by the many efforts and effects
that one single fault line imposes
on the mind of another
thus defeating the harmony and unity
that love indicates and dictates.
And though love in all its velocity and capacity
is always so strong like the earth
which never ceases to exist
though many earthquakes keep occurring,
love also tries to hold its force and composition
even if it dissolves or dis-integrates
as an old lover always tries to retrieve
what he has lost if he still finds her
worthy of his love
or a new love walks in and gives a new hope,
a new home to the who longs for it
and even provides a new experience
of joy and togetherness to the broken heart
who had earlier felt the tremors of remorse
and the vibration of regret
for a love that was either rejected
or that had just failed.

Fault Lines Of Love
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