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Feelings And Emotions

Our whole feelings and Our whole emotions differ Greatly and wonderfully in Every aspect of our life Simply because I feel differently From the other people around me... God created that Rock of Suicide To see His pretty creation and He never ordered us to commit suicide Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... My old school was only built For all people to learn love firstly and Many other things in life... The Palace of Happiness was built For a wealthy man to enjoy his wealth With those people who were only closer to him... All sidewalks and all pavements were Made only for those pretty pedestrians to walk on... A war always versus that pretty peace That we all look for anytime... Any book adds more information To our learning of things... A house was built firstly To shelter people, but Not any isolated tent... I feel lovely when I stare at Any blue sea anytime... I do remember my parents' favors on me Anytime I sit with myself alone... I feel loneliness, but It does not mean to be away from people... I watch that pretty sun that Rises in the east and when it sets In the west everyday... All other people have feelings and emotions Like me and more... Raneem, our future's civil engineer, has Pretty feelings and wonderful emotions that Make her lovely and great Among all those whom she knows anytime, Anywhere, and even everywhere On our pretty planet... _____________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle