Feet Of Rage And Anger Poem by rinki nandy

Feet Of Rage And Anger

Rating: 5.0

Hurry before the show is over, fury in the feet is your lover,
put these on, don't let them see your cover,
hide your ugly face, screen it to the veins,
nothing genuine remains,
flicker in those fantasy lights, awaiting moment and enjoy,
this is your place, beautify it with your grace,
blind them with your magic, weaken them with your voice and moves,
your dance so groovy, spin makes them woozy,
stage lights fill you with power, so tall like a tower,
crowds drinking from the phantasm, intoxicated by the creation,
has little affect this reaction, you defeat yourself in the competition,
nothing and no one has the realization, is it the pain which causes this function? ,
should I expect an answer to my question? , is your anguish the source of inspiration? ,
can you retain what's robbed? , forget when you sobbed? ,
shy eyes with a strong stare, voice and moves so rare,
sorrow hidden with utmost care, secrets and mysteries that face bares,
ignorant, insensitive, selfish they are, love you when you up there,
criticize, stupefy, blind they are, forget you when you alone and nowhere,
make them feel your dismay through your moves,
experience your distress through that voice,
deafen them, create such noise,
outlive them with your poise,
burn the stage with a blast,
don't care if tomorrow lasts,
shut them up, slap the face before they ask,
destroy their egos, gratify them, take off the mask,
let them shout for you with unlimited hunger,
only you got the feet of rage and anger.


Vivid and bold, a vigourous write. Good one; D

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Very Powerful poem...Impressed by your writing skills...

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