Feminine Outrage Poem by Vijay Sai R

Feminine Outrage

Rating: 3.7

Men in women
Though inseparable
And gender discrepancy
Many people protest
Need be abolished
But, let me ask
Why women
Still are physically assaulted
Let us all fight
Together with our might
Women are ever
Safe and secure

Hannah Bou 29 May 2013

I like this one, mind opening.. :)

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Farah Ilyas 07 May 2013

yeap agree with you totally, assaulter should be punished by such level that no more woman would become victim of such ghastly crimes..... Men in women Though inseparable And gender discrepancy nice to read poem from star to end....a projective poem...well done

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Valsa George 07 May 2013

Yes, gender descrimination should be abolished and outrage on women should be indiscriminately punished! ! Nice to see more men joining the guard! Good write! !

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Mc Emm 07 May 2013

Inshallah they will be safe

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Gajanan Mishra 07 May 2013

women are ever safe and secure. thanks. I request you to read my poems and comment.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 February 2018

SIX: Such a horrendous experience for a women residing in India. May she R.I.P. After I wrote this, I am still in shock. Really, for me that is a country like a wild animals hole. Sorry, that is only my deep fear.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 February 2018

FIVE: Her boyfriend came home from his work and could not accept this tragedy that his partner was killed, only because she wanted to repair and called the plumber. Within that year he died too because of heartache. This had really happened, I read that online in the Mumbai news.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 February 2018

FOUR: I feel tremendously with all the women in the Indian Society. Have you read that in Mumbai newspaper from a couple of months ago: a female lawyer has a free day and called a known plumber to repair in her house. Her boyfriend she was living with, had gone to his work as usual. He tried to rape her, but she opposed with all her strength and he killed her, just like that.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 February 2018

THREE: but I was once in Mumbai and my friend told me that, when I wished to walk on my own. As long as I was there, they accompanied me constantly. Your two lines in this poem: Why women............Still are physically assaulted. IF I may say, it is a socio-cultural heritage, I reckon. Because their fathers and again their fathers had done that all the time, that is the major example kids had to experience and be the witness.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 February 2018

TWO: Lucky that I don´t reside there as a woman. For men that is no problem here, but as soonest as you have a younger sister, you will know that. Do you know that India is number 4 or 5 (I dunno exactly, but is number 4 or number 5) in the world as a most dangerous country because of the many rapers? Perhaps you don´t know,

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

Trichy, South India
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